Soft Merino Wool Scarf

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Soft 100% Merino Wool Scarf
Mantas de Grazalema

Our gorgeous Merino Wool Scarves come from a centuries old wool factory in the mountain nature park of Grazalema in Southern Spain, which once was the center of Spanish wool production. The factory has kept up with its great tradition and still uses old machinery and a water wheel to power them for production of their wool scarves and blankets. Grazalema is the rainiest part of the country and thus, the sheep grazing in its surroundings give off the cleanest wool available.

Merino Wool scarves are super soft and comfortable to wear, very warm und besides, dirt resistant and – if ever needed – easy to wash. Mantas de Grazalema produces wonderful scarf designs in both traditional and modern patterns and colors.  Silencium has been trading their scarves for 17 years already and we seriously wouldn’t know why we ever should look for another Merino Wool Scarf producer!

size: 180×33 cm
100% Merino pure new wool
washable by hand at 30°C, very gently press out the water and dry laying flat – but often, airing the scarf outside overnight will already regenerate and clean the scarf naturally

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