Wollfinken Syberians White/Black

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Warme geschlossene Wollfinken

Here they come: the softest, warmest and coziest wool slippers available on our planet!

All the slippers available from Silencium are made with several super soft layers of wool in the sole and very warm wool uppers. The wool for the slippers comes from happy living sheep and is worked into a textile basis to make it look and feel like fur – just much softer and more flexible on the inside! Some of the models have vegan leather added outside to create great looking styles. All the slippers come with a non-slip sole and are available as open heel or closed heel slippers as well as high wool boots.

If you love feeling like you’re walking on soft clouds and if you like warm feet in no matter how cold weather, these slippers will quickly turn into your all time favorites. And what’s great, the wool used in the slippers is certified for health benefits and lets you walk safely even if you fancy wearing them barefooted :). Wool is also antibacterial and its breathable structure makes sure your feet will always feel well even if it gets warmer.

Combine them with some of our many warm wool socks, alpaca socks or cashmere socks (or in summer with our organic cotton socks) and you’ll be the happiest earth dweller, guaranteed!


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